Untied Artists present

The Acorn Emporium

A bushy tale of living in a land that doesn't quite feel like home.

Music by Jules Bushel and Jake Oldershaw. Design by Claire Browne. Performed by Ed Morris, Laura Tipper and Jake Oldershaw.. Directed by Jake Oldershaw..

It’s tough being a red squirrel in a grey world. Those big grey’s keep stealing food, messing up your drey– and they have some very dubious hygiene!

But little Raudona Grimauski won’t let that get her down. She’s set up shop in her beautiful tent, and will make the best of whatever life throws at her.

So step right up, and find out more in this beautiful and hilarious outdoor show for all the family.

Audience Feedback...

"We all loved it, even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits. Managed to provoke thought whilst being lots of fun!"

- N.H.