Untied Artists present

Intimate History

Arriving at Intimate History the audience are invited to choose from a menu of stories...

Each show is for an audience of one and lasts 10 minutes. Inspired by Theodore Zeldins’ book ‘An Intimate History of Humanity’, these are mini epics of astonishing sweetness and emotional depth brought to life using found objects, tiny models, heartfelt music and song.

Intimate History has been performed at:

Birmingham Rep 2004

Battersea Arts Centre 2004/5

Lichfield Festival 2006

British Council Showcase, Edinburgh 2007

Bitesize Festival, Warwick Arts Centre 2008

Kinsale Arts Week, Ireland 2008

NET Festival, Moscow, Russia 2008

The Cultch, Vancouver, Canada February 2010

The Nightingale Theatre, Brighton Fringe 2010

What the press said...

'Makes you feel so special you'll want to stay and pour yourself another drink.'

'Intensely intimate cabaret...a delightful nugget of theatrical waywardness and invention.'

'Jake Oldershaw is an accomplished troubadour who weaves an exquisite spell with his song.'

'I left feeling special and honoured'

'Surprising and unique.'

'Proof of the longstanding idea that every moment of our life is theatre'

'Intense, yet courteous and well-judged.'

'Bewildering, embarrassing, invigorating, leaving me wanting more? All of those things.'

'One of the strangest, most intimate productions you are ever likely to witness.'

Review in Russian,
in Afisha

Review in Russian,
in Smotr