Untied Artists present

Library Lion

Don't judge a book by it's cover - And never judge a lion by it's ROAR!

Directed by Jake Oldershaw and Madeline Kludge. Devised with Jill Dowse and Craig Stephens. Performed on tour by Jack Trow and Ellie Coleman. Design by Abigail King and Gareth Courage. Set build by Infamous Arts. Music by Jules Bushell with words by Jake Oldershaw.

Dudley Libraries, Untied Artists and Birmingham Rep bring this beautiful children’s book to life in celebration of an endangered species – the local library.

Miss Merriweather, the head librarian, is very particular about rules. No running allowed. And you must be quiet. But when a lion comes to the library one day, no one is sure what to do. There aren’t any rules about lions in the library. As it turns out, this lion seems very well suited to library visiting. His big feet are quiet on the library floor. He makes a comfy backrest for the children at story time. And he never roars in the library, at least not anymore. But when something terrible happens, the lion quickly comes to the rescue in the only way he knows how.

This is a show that fuses storytelling, music, and interactive learning to immerse children in the world of the book. Above all it is fun, funny, and full of feline wonder!

Adapted from the award-winning book by Michelle Knudsen and published by Candlewick.

What the press said...

'With snatches of song and lots of audience participation, this show will enthral any young child.'

'A passionate love letter to libraries and an unconventional piece of interactive theatre.'

Audience Feedback...

"I’d have no hesitation in recommending Library Lion to venues, schools, libraries…it works really well in involving a young audience in the story, including some educational content, and at the same time being entertaining for adults. Clever and economical design, as well. Congratulations to all involved."

- Chris Bridgman Artistic Director, Kirkgate Arts

"The children were entirely under the lion’s spell from the moment he padded softly into the library. The production offered a captivating introduction to the library and the library rules: no shouting (and definitely no roaring); an informative set of delightfully designed encyclopaedias were perfect for reinforcing alphabetical order and providing some fun games with phonics; a smattering of song made for an engaging story-time with lots of audience participation; there is also a touching reminder that, sometimes rules need to be broken, particularly when being kind and helping others is more important. A thoroughly recommended show for KS1, their teachers and the school library!"

- Laura Beddow, Librarian, Greswold Primary, Solihull

"Truly Amazing!"

- KS1 Teacher, Greenfield Primary, Stourbridge