Untied Artists present

The Boy Who Bit Picasso

When Picasso comes to stay anything can happen!

Inspired by the book by Antony Penrose. Originally co-produced with Oxford Playhouse. Directed by Jake Oldershaw.

Come and play down on the farm with Tony and Picasso. We’ll have loads of fun, make crazy pictures and tell the true story of how a young boy became friends with one of the greatest artists who ever lived.

Untied Artists present The Boy Who Bit Picasso, an interactive theatre show for everyone aged four and up. With storytelling, music and lots of chances to make your own art, this hands-on and hilarious family show introduces one of the 20th century’s most influential artists through the eyes of a young boy.

What the press said...

'What makes the show are the regular pauses in which to let the kids get on with mask-making, collages, and drawing – all of which pertain brilliantly to the story, and subliminally allow them to absorb some of Picasso’s artistic ideas.'

'Absolutely brilliant, I really cannot recommend this wonderful company highly enough!'

'Channels the spirit of the artist...a sweet little tale.'

Audience Feedback...

"It was by far the best children’s theatre I have ever seen! The interaction with the children was wonderful from the start - the actor talking to the children on the floor level even before the play started. It was so well, cleverly produced - clearing up from the many activities became part of the entertainment. Everyone at the end had a big grin on their faces (young and old) Real quality. We look forward to the next production from this group. We do go to all your offerings that we can - this was by far THE BEST."

"We LOVED the show! I was asking the kids what they wanted to say about it and they said "I want to see it again! Because it was so funny and I liked Pablo Picasso. I liked Tony playing the trumpet and the noise it made. I liked making the face out of food". They keep asking if they can watch the trailer over and over again...any chance of a full length dvd ?! It's really inspired them - we've been looking at lots of Picasso paintings this week and they've been telling me "Whatever you can think of is real""

"We all had a great time and I thought it was a fantastic introduction to abstract art for young children, as well as a good story. You all interacted brilliantly with the kids and, because you limited the size of the audience, it felt really intimate. I also really liked the way you left the children with the idea that anything they see lying around can become something else with imagination. Alice (aged 3) particularly loved the art activities and has been pretending to be a bull since we came home!"

"As a school we came to see your show at the Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton back in January. We have been studying the book all term and the kids absolutely loved it. The have not stopped talking about the show since and they have really enjoyed the work we have done in class since seeing the show. So, a massive thank you from us to you!"

- West croft School, Wolverhampton

"I brought a family with me whose children had never been to the theatre before. Both Chinedu and Oluchi loved it and Chinedu (aged 6) particularly liked the drawing on Perspex. I thought that idea was inspired by the way!"

"We just wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful time we had at "The boy who bit Picasso."

- KS1 children and staff. Edenham School, Bourne.